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Annual General Meeting 2023

The AGM of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society,
was held on Thursday 25 May,at the Hampshire Record Office, 19.30-21.00




  1. Minutes of 2022 Annual General Meeting (26th May 2022) - Draft Minutes for 2022.

  2. Matters arising

  3. President’s report

  4. Proposed Change to HFC Constitution:

- to better reflect current membership of HFC Committee.

Current wording: ‘11. A quorum shall consist of eight members of the Council, two of whom shall be Ordinary Members.’ 

Suggested wording: ‘11. A quorum shall consist of eight members of the Council, two of whom shall be either Ordinary Members and/or non-executive Officers of the Society (as listed in No. 7.)’

This change of wording was approved. A revised version of the Constitution hasl been issued.

  1. Treasurer's report and Accounts to 31 December 2022

  2. Election of Officers: All those listed below were unanimously elected.
    (i) President:             Mike Fulford
    (ii) Treasurer:            Valerie Archibald
    (ii) Secretary:            Philippa Harrap
  1. Election of Ordinary Members of Council:
    There are five vacancies for Ordinary Council Members. One nomination received: John Hare - duly elected.
  1. No Motions were received.

  2. Any other business:

President's Lecture: Karen Wardley

‘The Hampshire Medieval Graffiti Project – report on progress 2016-2023’

The study of historical graffiti inscriptions is experiencing a national wave of interest. Systematic surveys of these remarkable but sometimes enigmatic traces left by people in the past are taking place on a regional basis throughout the country. HFC Historic Buildings Section is co-ordinating a volunteer-led survey in Hampshire. Karen will describe their progress, discoveries and can also help you get involved.

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