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About the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society



Webbs Farmhouse, Mapledurwell

The objects of the Hampshire Field Club are:

  1. to promote the study of and research into Archaeology, History, Historic Buildings, Landscape, Geology and Natural History within the county of Hampshire, and to publish the results appropriately.
  2. to encourage the preservation of Buildings, Historic Remains, Historical Records and all other Objects of Importance for the Subjects specified and Areas of Importance for the Subjects specified in (a) in the county.

Rules were decided at a meeting on 12th June 1885 and these have been developed to form the existing Constitution. Different versions of the Rule/Constitution can be compared by downloading the pdfs from the links below.

  • 1914 Rules
  • 1998 Rules
  • 2013 Constitution - a revision was approved at the AGM to extend a President's term of service up to a maximum of six years - see Point 6 (ii).
  • 2020 Constitution - a change was made at the AGM to allow online payment as well as payment by cheque - see Point 9.
  • 2023 Constitution - a change was made at the AGM to alter the quorum for meetings of Council - see Point 11.



copy of first meeting minutes
A photo of the minutes of the first meeting of the Society

The Society is run by officers elected by the membership. It is divided into Sections which focus on

The Sections hold events including conferences, lectures, field trips and an AGM; they also publish articles in the Newsletter and in Hampshire Papers Series 2. Members participate in and attend the events of as many sections as they wish.




T W Shore
T W Shore, one of the founders of the Field Club in 1885
The Hampshire Field Club has been in existance for over 125 years. A number of areas of interest include:
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