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Historic Buildings Section

The Historic Buildings Section was formed in 1982 as a specialist group within the Society in order that this aspect of the Society's work might be carried out more effectively. The section aims to bring together people with a common interest in the historic buildings of Hampshire, to promote research and help beginners, to encourage awareness of the County's architectural heritage, and to help preserve threatened structures of architectural or historic value. To this end we organise a varied programme of Winter lectures and visits to historic buildings. Reports on various topics of interest appear in the Newsletter. Bill Fergie, the Historic Buildings Newsletter Editor, would welcome contributions via email: historic-buildings(at) the (at) with the @ sign).

Half-Day visit to Holy Trinity Church, Millbrook, Southampton

Saturday 20th May 2023 at 2.00 pm - Frank Green led a visit to Millbrook Church where he discussed this and other Victorian Churches in Southampton.

This church replaced the medieval church that was situated at the junction of Regents Park Road and Millbrook Road. The present building was designed by Henry Woodyear (1816-1874) with the very prominent spire completed in 1882. Woodyear was specifically associated with the Anglican High Church movement and the church at Millbrook has reflected that tradition to the present day. Later additions were made with a classical baldacchino or ciborium of 1934, over the high altar, designed by Niniam Cooper. The south chapel interior was also designed by Comper as a first World War memorial. The Hardman and Co. stained class survived war time bombing. The church contained two Titanic memorials.

Current programme - a full listing of all events organised by the different sections of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society.

The Historic Buildings Section sponsors the continuing Hampshire Medieval Graffiti Project: a report of the latest survey, September 2022, for St Mary Breamore is available; a report for All Saints Hursley is also now available.

New Publications - Hampshire Houses 1250 - 1700: Their Dating & Development by Edward Roberts. A revised and updated edition is now available.

YouTube Video - Watch the 2022 lecture by Bill Fergie on: Traditional Houses of the Worthy Villages

Section Archive

Find out about significant people and previous events put on by Historic Buildings.

Longbridge Mill, Sherlied-on-Loddon

Members enjoy a visit to Londbridge Mill, Sherfield-on-London in November 2022.


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