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Quiz Number 2 - May 2021 - all questions relate to the 1920s.

The best place to start is the introductory webpage for the HFC Proceedings 1920-1930 at:

As you will read, the 1920s were a turbulent decade for the Hampshire Field Club.  The Centenary History, 1885-1995, of the HFC can be read in the article by Beth Taylor:

All answers will be available in these volumes of Proceedings.  Answers will be worth 1 point unless otherwise noted.

1. Who was President at the beginning of the decade? (2 points – 1 per President)
2. Who was the first female President from 1922-24?
3. Who was President in 1928?

4. Who edited Vol. IX, Part 1?
5. Who edited Vol. X, Part 2?
6. Why did the Editorship change hands in the 1920s? (You will need to read Beth Taylor’s article.)
7. Who bridged the gap, as Editor, between the two in questions 3 & 4?

8. How many different subject areas were covered by Secretaries in 1922? (Vol IX, Part 2)
9. In 1922 how many women sat on Council?  Who were they? (2 points)
10. Which former Secretary died in April 1925?


11. Where could you find this staircase? (Vol 10, Part 1)

Cover of Sundials book

12. Whose book on Sundials was reviewed in Vol 10, Part 1?

sketch of grave

13. This image is taken from the report on W Hooley’s ‘Excavation of an Early Iron Age Village on Worthy Down, Winchester’.  Apart from the skeleton, what was the only ‘object’ found in the grave?  Why was this article ‘poignant’?  (2 points) (Vol 10, Part 2)

Sketch of New Forest

14. Who took ‘A Winter Walk in the New Forest’? What does this sketch show? (2 points) (Vol 9, Part 3)

Winchester cross

15. What does this image show? Where, at the time of the article, was this item located? (2 points) (Vol 9, Part 2)

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