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Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society - Quizzes

A quiz for members is planned for every two months beginning in February.

Quiz Number 1 - February 2021

Image for quiz

All questions in this first quiz related to images in the the 2020 Publications.

Answers: Questions 1-6 related to Hampshire Studies Volume 75, Parts I & II; while questions 7-12 related to Newsletter 73 & 74.

  1. This image, of a tomb effigy, was taken in the chancel of Michelmersh Church; for information, see pp. 56-62.
  2. These are examples of miniature socketed 'votive' axes; much more is known about these thanks to discoveries made as part of the Portable Antiquities Scheme. See pp. 1-27
  3. This is a photograph of the former Swan Inn in Romsey; see pp. 75-87.
  4. It is a window lead from Basing Grange; see pp. 323-378.
  5. This is one of a pair of blocked gateways leading to Basing Grange; see pp. 323-378.
  6. These are iron sulphide nodules; they were, most likely, kept as decorative objects (manuports); see pp. 191-219

  7. This photograph was taken in Malta; see NL73, pp.21-22
  8. The people in the photograph were the New Forest Verderers; it was taken in the Verderers Court in Queen's House; see NL73, pp. 5-6.
  9. This is the ruin of Netley Abbey; Sir William Paulet became the new owner after the dissolution of the monastries; see pp. 25-27.
  10. The four-figure grid reference for most of the hill fort at Beacon Hill is (SU)4557; see NL74, pp. 9-15.
  11. These reconstructed houses are found next to the new Stonehenge Visitors' Centre; see NL74, pp. 6-8.
  12. The ruins are in the Holy Ghost Cemetry, Basingstoke; the Sandys family, who owned the Vyne, built a chantry chapel here; see NL74, pp. 2-4

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