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Newsletter 67 - Spring 2017

Contents General editor Dick Selwood  

From the President Chris Elmer
Local History Section Editor, Mark Page
Twyford's Historic Landscape: The Mill of South Twyford Chris Corcoran with Mike Matthews (maps)
Following in the Footsteps: Field Club Visit to Kingsclere in 1895 and 2016 Roger Ottewill
Village Shops in Medieval Hampshire: The Case of East Meon Mark Page
Archives and Local Studies News from the Hampshire Record Office  
Book Reviews  
Landscape Section Editor, George Campbell
George Campbell
The Isle of Wight Medieval Minor Ports; their rise and fall George Campbell
New Treescapes for Old Malcolm Walford
What did Twyford look like in 1300? A lost landscape, but in plain view? Chris Corcoran

Archaeology Section Editor, David Allen
Latest News David Allen
Book Review  
Excavation at Barton Farm, 2016 Paul McCulloch
WARG Excavation 2016 - Warnford Park Techer Jones & Chris Sellen
Royal Blood - Births, Battles, Beheadings David Allen

Historic Buildings Section Editor, Bill Fergie
Editorial Bill Fergie
The Chapel of the Holy Ghost, Basingstoke John Hare
A New Dendro-date at No. 78 Hursley Village Bill Fergie & Edward Roberts
Hampshire Graffiti Survey Update Karen Wardley
In the Back General Editor, Dick Selwood
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