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The Hampshire Churches Medieval Graffiti Survey - Photo Gallery

These are examples of graffiti photographed mainly in St. Michael's Church, Basingstoke. Each image is linked to a larger version; to see the larger version it may be necessary to allow 'pop-ups'.

Compass drawn hexfoil   Text carved on south porch   Name with date at south porch   Deer at Soberton   Inverted VV symbol
Example of a compass drawn hexfoil.   This name is found at the entrance to the south porch   This example might allow the identity of DB to be found as a date is given.   A deer at St. Peter's church, Soberton.   An inverted 'VV' symbol.
Memorial graffiti   Possible ship   A complex of daisywheels.   Knot symbol   Many examples on one stone.
A memorial inscription.   A complex series of marks which will require careful analysis.   Many hexfoils or daisywheels at St Mary's church, Ashley.   A knot.   An example of the number of carvings on a single block.

Please feel free to send in examples of images you have taken. Email your images to Give details of the church where the photo was taken.