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O G S Crawford Lecture

To commemorate the contribution to the Hampshire Field Club of O G S Crawford, an annual lecture on an aspect of archaeology, has been organised for many years.

The 2018 Lecture will be held in the Science Lecture Theatre, Peter Symonds College, Winchester at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 18th April.

Professor Neil Loader (Department of Geography, Swansea University) will deliver the lecture on the topic of:

“Dating the Undateable” - New approaches to precision dating in science-based archaeology.

Over the last 40-years dendrochronology in the UK has revolutionised our understanding of the historic built environment. Tree-ring dating is a powerful tool and can date precisely the age of timbers used in the construction of buildings and wooden artefacts throughout the Common Era. Unfortunately, dendrochronology is not always successful and in such cases archaeologists and heritage managers must turn to less precise techniques such as radiocarbon dating and stylistic interpretation to assign chronology. This talk presents results from the UK Oak Project an interdisciplinary collaborative research programme to develop a new approach for the precision dating of wooden samples. The presentation describes the development of the master chronology and its evaluation using a series of case studies where conventional dendrochronology was unable to provide a date. The wider scope of the technique is then considered within the context of the heritage management and historic dating sectors and with specific reference to sampling, the reporting of dates and the analysis of non-oak species.

Professor Loader is member of the UK Oak Project research team. The research team comprises scientists from the Department of Geography, Swansea University and the University of Oxford's Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art. The methods being devised by the researchers were used to confirm the documentary dating of the Portico at The Vyne, photo below; samples of the timber used in the portico had not been suitable to be dated by standard dendrochronology techniques.

The Portico at The Vyne

Parking is available at the Bereweeke Road entrance and at the Owen’s Road entrance. To attend this free lecture, please email to book your place(s).


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