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Professor Barbara Yorke: Festschrift

A Festschrift,The Land of the English Kin: Studies in Wessex in Honour of Professor Barbara Yorke, edited by Alex Langlands and Ryan Lavelle, was published early in 2020 by Brill. Barbara is Professor emeritus at University of Winchester and a member of the Field Club.

A striking frontispiece (also the cover) was this painting by Alison Merry (copyright Alison Merry) who had been at University with Barbara.

Alison Merry writes: The overall design of the painting is a pastiche of a page from the Athelstan Psalter showing Saint Eadburh, daughter of King Edward the Elder (and grand-daughter of King Alfred). Cats heads have been substituted in some of the border design which otherwise remains fairly true to the original. 
Barbara sits in Eadburh’s place, astride the city walls of Winchester, discalced and with a cat at her feet. Prof. B Yorke as Athalstan Facing these, top left, are portrait heads of our three professors from Exeter University: Professor Frank Barlow, Lady Aileen Fox and Dr. Ann Hamlin. 
She holds a jewelled pointer which directs us up to a few iconic details from Anglo Saxon art - from the Alfred Jewel, the Fuller Brooch, the ninth century wall painting from Winchester’s New Minster and a coin carrying a portrait head of King Alfred. Angels fly above in the top corners.
Left and right of Barbara are her heavenly chorus of supporting nuns. Bottom left are the Viking hoards facing, bottom right, the resisting students from Barbara’s King Alfred University classes, who fight against the swords and spears with trowels and ranging poles.  In the bottom corners - bottom left Ryan Lavelle watches the Vikings and takes notes for his volume ‘Alfred’s Wars’: bottom right Robert Yorke and I offer Barbara cake and wine. 

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